Now comes the special time of year where I look back and recollect all the things that happened and dream about the next year. In short, this past year was rather lackluster. Sure, good things happened such as deepening new friendships and making new memories (especially during a snow storm), taking part in two weddings, finishing my first year of college (and another novel), winning a songwriting contest (kinda), and etc….but on the whole, this year leaves no real strong impression on my mind. The first few months kinda mesh with 2008 and then the rest sorta disappears into a haze.

But I have a theory on why this year did not really impress. You read, every other year, particularly the even years, are the ones that stand out. It started in ’04. That was the year God got a complete hold on me and I started living like one following Him. ’05 was bleh, but ’06 was mostly spectacular thanks to things that happened during my sophomore days in high school. ’07 fairs slightly better, but ’08 is where it’s at with many memories rushing to mind. That year was like “a dream within a dream.” And now ’09 has lived up to its expectations;simply,there were none. So a down year is not very surprising to me. Obviously I’m looking forward to ‘010 as a year of promise.

So far, though, first glances aren’t too bright. I’ll be taking a semester of online classes at home (which could fail miserably) and thus I’ll be away from dear friends and church members down in Louisville. But let’s look to the bright side. I have a shot at taking the gold in the aforementioned songwriting competition, I plan on submitting a novel to publishers and could (Lord willing) have my first book published, maybe I could start something musically…Maybe I’ll get a girlfriend..ahahaha!

So I bid adieu to 2009 with little hesitation. Certainly ‘010 can be a better year than this?

Haha,just looked up my “reflections” post from last year on my original blog. Check it out if you have the time and interest:

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. It’s funny, because the even years are the ones that stand out to me, too. ’04 was a fun year as was ’06 and ’08. Huh. Never connected the pattern before, though. Here’s to 2010! 🙂

    We’ll have to meet up and do something since you’ll be home for the semester. When I’m in school it’s (oddly) easier for me to get out and about and actually make it to things. So yeah. Maybe I’ll actually see you.

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