Christmas Just Ain’t the Same

Yes, I just used “ain’t” as a word in my title. Put that in your proverbial pipe and smoke it over a glass of chai latte tea buiscuits.

Right now it’s a little after midnight and Christmas Day 2009 is yawning awake to a glorious dawn…in a few hours (days enjoy hitting the snooze button as much as I do). Who knows, maybe at this moment 2000 years ago shepherds were skipping around a Christmas tree just before the angels showed up and scared the wits out of them. They then sheepishly (haha!get it?you don’t?just smile and nod..) made their way to a straw-ruffed barn/cave/thing where Baby Jesus was lying in His manger under the luminous glow of Mary’s halo (Joseph just had a staff)…and then I realize, Jesus wasn’t born in December! It was probably springtime! Boy, am I an idiot!

But I digress from the true point here. My real thought goes back to the fact that I’m up past midnight on Christmas day. Believe it or not, my parents beat me to bed, the stockings aren’t stuffed yet, Santa is a no-show, and there are clean dishes in the dishwarsher!

Maybe I’m growing up, but Christmas just doesn’t feel the same this season. I just don’t have the “holiday cheer” anymore. Not even all the Bing Crosby Christmas covers can ignite a spark in me. I’m not as excitable as I used to be. There’s no special “feeling” to it anymore. It’s simply become a day where I wake up, exchange presents and then float around the house (for me,the “Christmas miracle” is the ability to levitate).

I guess when I boil it down–when I boil the whole season down for that matter–it comes to a realization of the superficiality of this time of the year. This is the one time when most people are happy, giving, church-going, caring, kinding, etcing..and that’s great and all..but why can’t this last the whole year round? Why is that once the lights go down, the decorations disappear, and Santa goes on vacation that we have to return to “normalcy”? For the world, this superficiality is surprising,and yet expected. For Christians, it’s uncalled for. The Bible doesn’t say to have the “holiday spirit” only around Christmas, but to be “Spirit-filled” year round (see Ephesians 5:15-21 for an example). Chew on that while you chew on your honey-baked ham.

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