The Decade’s Best

I’ve noticed quite a few Christian music sites giving their choices of the best music from the past decade (2000-2009). I may be no connoisewer, but I sure have my opinions and that’s all that lists are,right? So what I will do is go through my personal CD collection and note what I think is the best from this past decade in no particular order..

Petra–Jekyll & Hyde (2003)
This classic band bowed out halfway through the decade, but they left off with one of their best studio albums. This album can rock with the best of the modern day acts, and even better (these songs actually rhyme)..If you enjoy classic rock, pick this bad boy up (it’s also a quick, 31 minute listen).

Stryper–Murder By Pride (2009)
Okay, this may not be the best album of the decade, in fact, it sounds exactly like the band just picked up where they left off in the 80’s…mainly because they did..But nevertheless, there’s a little more meat on album lyrically and it was very pleasant to listen to a Christian album that was straight-up gospel and didn’t bother meandering into to social justice issues.

Jars of Clay–Good Monsters (2006)
Pretty much every album they’ve released this decade could go on this list but the Jars’ subtle commentary on Christians’ obsessions with “junk”(or sin) is the best of the bunch (in my opinion, of course). The cover art of the band being “filled” with said junk adds to the weight of this clever album.

Seabird–‘Til We See the Shore (2008)
I still can’t get over this album. I was seriously spinning this disc constantly for nearly a year before I wore it out. The mature messages of transitioning into life were exactly what I needed as I headed into college. Even though I may not keep the CD constantly in my player like before, i still turn to some of these songs for comfort.

Jon Foreman–Fall and Winter EPs (2007-2008)
Really his entire EP set (from Fall to Summer) should be here, but the Fall and Winter collection stands out the most in my mind. It’s dark and realistic, but being realistic allows it to offer more realistic hope. The music is seemingly simplistic, yet charming and the biblical messages run deeper than I had expected.

David Crowder Band–A Collision (2005)
I must admit I’m not a huge DCB fan. But I have to give credit to good, clever, and creative music when I hear. This album is certainly creative, clever, and even intriguing. The music’s not much to my test, but I can’t turn down most of the lyrics and smile at the ingenuity and insanity of this group.

Runner’s Up (in other words, they’re good, but not the best)…
II Guys from Petra–Vertical Expressions (2007)
First, you have to admit the cleverness of the name..this group is Petra founder Bob Hartman and Petra’s last lead singer John Schlitt giving fresh takes on classic modern worship songs. They decided to just call themselves that since that’s what everyone would call them anyway. Humorous and witty. The musical arrangements are just as clever. Their version of “God of Wonders” blows that Third Day corroboration thing version clear out of the water–this version has a real solo. The other arrangements are just as good and fresh. If you’re looking to buy this album (and if you love the praise and worship genre,you should), you can buy it online at Petra’s merch store.

John Schlitt–The Grafting (2008)
What’s striking about this album is how mature it sounds, simply because it tackles issues from a biblical perspective (why don’t more Christian groups do that?). What this album could’ve used was some guitar solos (or any solos) and a break from a lyrical pattern that grew redundant. It also had a sort of low-quality feel to it which is a shame, cause this album has a lot of potential.

Chris Tomlin–Arriving (2004)
It made him popular and for good reason. The worship songs are stellar and the feel is perfect for a modern church atmosphere.

Kutless–Sea of Faces (2004)
In my mind, this is Kutless’ best. They were driving their points home with the gospel and not much else. They became a little more ambiguous on Hearts of the Innocent, but avoid that on this album. Instrumentation is lacking on this disc though.
So that’s it! Whew! What do ya think?

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