Stupid Phrases Part 2

So last week I had a CT scan (commonly known as a “cat” scan even though cats have nothing to do with it), and I will give a brief story behind that because while that isn’t the point of this post, I know if i continue on all 2 of you will be like “why’d he have a cat scan ‘im, again?” Basically I was having headaches and I wanted to get it checked out…that’s a very summed up version. Nothing was wrong..nothing was there. My head feels lighter and cleaner already.

Anyways,the day before the cat scan I went into Wendy’s to tell them the news and mainly inform them to not call me in that day. The main person who works front counter on weekdays is a sweet,little old lady named Granny (that’s not her real name,mind you,but she is like a Granny to the store,not just because of her age but because she’s been there basically since the store opened…she coulda been Dave Thomas’ mother..besides this she reminds me of a snapping turtle..but don’t let that deter the kind,benevolent, grandmotherly image in your mind..she is kind;she just happens to remind me of a snapping turtle,that’s all). As I was leaving, Granny said to me, “My thoughts will be with ya.” And suddenly it occured to me what a stupid phrase that was.

I mean,think about it. My thoughts will be with you? What does that mean? What good can that possibly do unless you have telekinesis? Okay, I’ll be on her mind so I have her love, but how is that comforting? Again, what good will her thoughts do?

See the stupidity of that? Yet this is basically the atheist’s version of prayer. They don’t have a higher, Supreme, ultimately Sovereign Being to turn to and so the best offering they can give is their “thoughts.” It’s nice to know that as a child of God I don’t have this problem. When someone needs help, I don’t just devote a moment of thought to ’em, I can boldly approach God’s throne where Christ intercedes on my behalf with the assurance of the Spirit that my prayers will be heard. I’m not merely looking to myself to try and comfort the person in need, I’m looking to God to care for a person I care about…and that’s much smarter and comforting.

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