What Carries A Man

“I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.” -Walt Whitman

Well,that song competition I shamelessly plugged for last month is now over and I believe I’ve won (haven’t heard anything official from the people yet,but you would assume being 110 points ahead as clinching it). This is probably the first thing I’ve ever won. I’ve entered so many competitions before and only came out with “honorable mentions” or something like that..which is a sugary way of saying “thanks for giving us money, but you lose.” But this is indeed a first and I am quite happy.

But did I win on my own? Hardly. What propelled me to the top was my friends and family. Some were willing and eager to see me succeed, some were eager but didn’t want to take a minute to register or sign in everyday to cast a vote..I still love you. I ended the competition with 272 votes and over 1800 page views, both far outdoing the next place person. Now the page views I probably contributed to since I checked it so often, but the votes were wholly on the part of my friends and family.

As I mentioned in my “Shameless Plug” post,let me reitterate that I am so thankful for my friends and family for the support they’ve given me over this. I find that it is these two pillars plus God as the strongest, that “carry a man.” I have been blessed with a host of friends whom I am very grateful for. Without you all, I would only be a lonely boy sitting on a laptop writing blogs that no one read…thanks to you, I’m only partially that.


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