“But I’m all tied up on the inside, and no one knows quite what I’ve got. And I know that on the outside what I used to be I’m not…anymore.”-Don McLean

My 3rd semester of college is officially and finally over. It was a bumpy road to the end, but by God’s faithfulness I’ve survived. But now, as I launch into my second Thanksgiving/Christmas break of my college career, yet another hurdle awaits me on the horizon like the winter sun. I’ve decided that for my 4th semester of college I’ll stay at home and take online classes while trying to work more. It seems wise enough. I should save at least $2,000. There are plenty of opportunities..plenty of areas to grow and mature in..

But I keep thinking, am I crazy or stupid or both?? I’ve never been homeschooled in my life, can I expect to do it now? What are the chances of success with that? Although the dye has been cast, I can still reverse mostly everything. I can always change my mind and revert back to being on campus. But it all depends on how much i make over the break. I think alot of what tears me in this decision making is being away from my church in Louisville for so long and also living at home for so long again. Louisville is still fresh and exciting to me. But here, there are too many memories… good memories, and those are the hardest to run from.

“And now I’m at another crossroads and I don’t know which way to go. My steps are ordered and I know I’ll find the way when Your Word lights the path and I obey.”-Petra


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