Test of Time

You undoubtedly heard the phrase “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Yeah…whatever that means. But I want to here propose a new phrase that borrows from that structure: “keep life close and death closer.”

Now what do I mean by that? Well it developed one day recently when I was thinking about death. What if I died soon? What if I was to discover some cancer eating away at my body or some other malady? What if a doctor looked me sqaure in the eyes and declared my death sentence? How would I respond? Am I ready for death? I mean, am I really ready for death? To think that my young life be snatched away by some cruel, unexpected twist is horrifying and appalling.

Ultimately I’m drawn to Jesus. The only hope I have in death is that I have believe on the name of Jesus Christ and that I am His and He is mine. Being His creature I have no real fear in death…just fear in loss of time. So in a sense death would be a comfort (not saying that I’d necessarily want to die now, just saying that if I did it would, in a heavenly sense, be for the best). So while I want to live, it’s somewhat healthy to keep in mind my feeble frame will one day, sooner or later, lose its warmth and be buried in the cold ground. Thus I should keep life close, and death closer.

But thinking about this leads to another problem…that of time. If I was to die in this instant,you know how many regrets of wasted time I’d have? More than I’d like to admit..I mean,for one,I’d be caught dead on a blog. Perish the thought! But the ramifications of this are frightening. One day I’m going to give an account for the time I’ve spent here on earth. How will I account for time spent “entertaining” myself on things like TV,movies,video games, even music? If we’re told to “redeem the time” in the Bible…shouldn’t we? And how do we not? Probably one of the saddest parts of my prayers at night include when I have to ask forgiveness for wasting time on something that ultimately threw off the schedule for the rest of the day and hindered proficiency and time management.

This is a serious issue that far too many Christians are not taking seriously. Isn’t that a shame?

“Tomorrow is a chance that may not come/Today is still the day God gives us to see things done/Your own test of time has begun…..the test of time and the time is passing every moment that you take/the test of time,it’s a test of choices that you have to make/It’s what you’re doing,and how you’re living/It’s how you’re spending the time you’re given/ The test of time…”-Petra


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