One thing I failed to mention in the last post in regards to my labor day weekend (and I have no clue how this coulda slipped my mind) was that I killed 3 spiders within 3 hours in my first 10 hours home. It was quite impressive, quite unheard of, and quite freaked my mom out. I thought it was just something it was just a phenomena to be experienced at home…but no! I return to Boyce and guess what? More arachnids! We’ve (my roomie and I) have killed at least 3-4 spiders in our room alone. Then there have been about the same amount discovered by myself alone in the bathroom (one of which was in the shower with me…but we’ll pass over that episode). So what is it? Spider season? It’s quite weird…but I take comfort that out of all the accidents here,I am the most advanced creature descended from the primordial soup (winky face).

In other news,I started working on another mystery…if all one of you who was following me from my other blog recollect correctly,I said when I started Plethora that I wanted to take a break from mysteries..well I reckon that break is over. So I started on it last week and it’s coming along quite…slowly. It was one of those things where you looked forward to doing it until you began it and suddenly wondered why on earth you began such a task. But I shall finished what I started…no worries.

In random news, I have a hankering (desire,for all you non-KY folk) to study Latin again..I guess I want to feel scholarly and important. Also,…i think that’s it..I suppose I could share more,but I shan’t..well I will say I want to either go on a roadtrip with friends or fly to Ireland and run around the countryside with friends..anyone wanna come? Or..anyone wanna pay my way? (winky face)

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