Reverse Psychology

I want to first mention to you the radical blog post that I was going to put up. It was in the same vein as many popular blogs today that feature “best of” or “worst of” lists. Except mine was not going to be about anything important…just influential 90’s tv shows. I probably won’t post it since it became too tedious and i just wasn’t “feeling it.”

Now to the main reason of this post. I’ve noticed lately that God employs a sort of “reverse psychology.” How? By providing for me things that are good, but fall short of satisfaction. For instance, jobs. I started praying for a job about 2 years ago and God provided Wendy’s. At this point,I’m such a veteran at Wendy’s that it’s no longer such a chore to go in to work. However, I went home this past weekend and decided to drop by one day. All the horrors and hate of working fast food crept into my proverbial nostrils and reminded me why I have vowed to never root myself there.

It seems like all the jobs I’ve had so far have been enough to provide, to be an answer to prayer, but I know that I’m not supposed to stay there and what prompts this is my loathing of working there. This is God’s reverse psychology. He has not called me to work at a Wendy’s for the rest of my life (or in any form of food service for that matter), and His weekly reminder to me of that is by providing hours at a food service job.

Does it seem like I’m blaming God? I’m not. On the contrary, I’m kinda thankful. Sure I dislike working Wendy’s, catering, sports complexes, and cafeteria, but if it’s the door God has opened, then i’ll be content (through the passing of time,of course). I’m also thankful that He has provided a way to show me what I really need to be doing, what I’m called to do. And that’s definately not flipping burgers.


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