“When I was young, I knew everything…”-Verve Pipe, “The Freshman Song” It seems like the older I get the more humbling certain circumstances become. Why,only a month or so ago (and I’m not sure why I’m sharing this exactly) I had the audacity to stand shirtless in front of a mirror and think of how … More Frankenstein


One thing I failed to mention in the last post in regards to my labor day weekend (and I have no clue how this coulda slipped my mind) was that I killed 3 spiders within 3 hours in my first 10 hours home. It was quite impressive, quite unheard of, and quite freaked my mom … More Arachnomania

Reverse Psychology

I want to first mention to you the radical blog post that I was going to put up. It was in the same vein as many popular blogs today that feature “best of” or “worst of” lists. Except mine was not going to be about anything important…just influential 90’s tv shows. I probably won’t post … More Reverse Psychology