Life in Michigan

Last week I finally broke free from the 3 person dorm room I had spent a year living in. Kind of hard to do,but no need to complain with the added space! Since all that I really need now is unpacked,I feel a little more comfortable and at home. In fact,this room feels a little home-y. That is, home if i lived in Michigan.

My new roommate is from Michigan and in less than 5 days I’ve been introduced to some Michigan influence. First I was introduced to Vernors, which is a special Michigan drink. Think Ale 8 from Kentucky. I must admit, Vernors might just trump Ale 8.Maybe it’s a sign I shoulda lived in Michigan.

But what is perhaps a counter-sign is the frigid cold that I sleep in. My roomie enjoys the cold..maybe a little too much. The temperature must seriously drop to the 40’s or 50’s at least at night. I was thinking about cutting my hair shorter..though now I may need to grow it out longer to cover my head for the next few months. That or I should apply Rogaine to my arms.

In other news, I think I’ve found a publishing company that I will submit a novel to: Tate Publishing. Not sure if they’ll accept the work,but I have to try sometime! So pray that this all works out. God will work in His own time.


2 thoughts on “Life in Michigan

  1. Brr… that is really cold. Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers for you with the publishing company! And believe it or not, I’m going to start reading through those chapters this week. I finally got my stuff in order and have some free time. Woo! So I’ll let you know what I think when I finish them. 🙂

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