Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

I was originally gonna discuss whether or not playing loud rock music in the car with the windows rolled down is cool anymore…I’ll save that for another day! Instead, on the eve of moving/returning to Boyce, I will blog about emotions in that realm….that was botched…we’ll leave it.

I kinda hit on this in the last post, about feelings on leaving and whatnot. And I suppose I’ll expound on it more now (not very decisive am I?). To say the least, my emotions are definately different from last summer when I first left. Last year I was more torn. This year, not so much. It’s really ironic actually. Last summer I was hesitant to leave behind high school friends and eager to leave behind Wendy’s. Now,since I’ve hardly hung out with friends all summer long, I’m not as sad. But Wendy’s has been the surprise..the darkhorse (whatever that means). It might actually be tough leaving them behind. Let me make this clearer..leaving the day crew behind will be harder..the night crew, not so much. In fact, the stereotypical view of fast food employees as slackers, derelicts, and hypocondriacs probably stems from the night crew. But i digress.When I go in to get my check tomorrow,I may not be so happy to leave. They actually bought me a card on Wednesday (which was my last working day till Octoberish) and wrote small notes on it. I will be man enough to admit I almost teared up. But I withheld myself since I was taking money at the back window and I’m sure it’d be awkward for someone to give money to a crying man when he’s not drunk or homeless.

Another odd thing that happened tonight was while I was packing some stuff. I was rolling some coins so i can get quarters for laundry and suddenly felt alone. I guess I reminisced somewhere in my brain about how i felt last summer. Not as emotional this time around. But it was a weird feeling. I mean,why did I feel alone? What caused that? Rolling coins? I’ll never do that again unless there’s a friend around!

All right,I’ll try and promise to not devote another post to feelings about returning to school, but I make no guarantees! Next time I’ll probably recap my summer…not that any of you care.Just act like you do.


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