This New Blog

So this is my first blog post on this site…that was a horrible opening. But deal with it, I’m dry tonight on what to say. I guess I could explain why I started this blog. Well that’s probably best explained on my other/main site’s blog: I won’t pin a specific topic to cover on this blog because doing that can be lame…and it limits my creativity. So some days I may put album reviews,others plugs for stories or songs I’m writing, and then some just random posts about whatnot…and that’s a broad topic right there!

I suppose I will just pick up here where the old blog left off. So if you want this to make better sense,go read up the last few posts from my old blog. You can access it from the above link. Just click the “Author’s Blog” button on the menu bar on the side.

Now where to pick up?  Well this Saturday I will be returning to Boyce. At first I was quite bittersweet about this. I didn’t really want to leave a consistent income and the option to just roam the tristate area and hang out with friends. But now..I feel differently. I love my family, I love Northern Ky,but dagburnit, I want to go to my “second home!” I want to return to Boyce and cram my brain full of theological knowledge. I want to be annoyed by all the useless arguments Boycers get in so they can look and sound smart. I want to see my church. I want to see my friends…

Summer’s light is waining,it’s time to return to acadamia. The homefire’s warmth has become too familiar in such a short time and now I long for old Louisville. I need to get away. It’s odd..i didn’t feel this way last year this time when moving off loomed ahead. But things have changed, now I’m eager to go. The days are growing shorter now..and as each day passes my anticipation grows stronger..

Now why can’t I be this way in anticipating Christ’s return?


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