Life in Michigan

Last week I finally broke free from the 3 person dorm room I had spent a year living in. Kind of hard to do,but no need to complain with the added space! Since all that I really need now is unpacked,I feel a little more comfortable and at home. In fact,this room feels a little […]

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In the Books

Well I am back to school, to show my folks I’m not a fool. And my first week of class is in the books (technically–I only have two days of class). The return at first was a bit weird. My brain was struggling to remember old routines and whatnot. I felt at home,but it felt […]

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

I was originally gonna discuss whether or not playing loud rock music in the car with the windows rolled down is cool anymore…I’ll save that for another day! Instead, on the eve of moving/returning to Boyce, I will blog about emotions in that realm….that was botched…we’ll leave it. I kinda hit on this in the […]

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