Sermon: Spirit v. Flesh

Back in February, I preached on back-to-back Sundays to fill in for our pastor. The first sermon I published last month, and now, after finally finding time to upload it, I offer the second one. This is based on a difficult text in Galatians 5:13-26 and as such the sermon rambles more than previous entries. […]

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God Rested

Much is said on Easter weekend every year of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, but little attention is given to the day between. On Friday some go to church and commemorate the solemn act of Christ on the cross, leave for a day, and then return early Sunday to celebrate the resurrection. What should we […]

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Marriage in a #MeToo World

Last year the #metoo movement exploded across social media as women everywhere shared their stories of sexual harrassment and abuse. This movement highlighted the ways women are often treated as sub-human, objects of pleasure and not with respect. It has passed through Hollywood, politics, and even the church. The ramifications of this moment in our […]

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