Song: Wanderings & Windings

July is a special month for me. No, it’s not my birth month, but it does hold that honor for my wife and son. So, in my monthly goal of recording a previously-unheard-of tune, I present to you a song I wrote for my wife and presented to her on her birthday a couple years […]

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Song: Purple Clouds

As June comes to a close, we are officially underway in summertime raptures. To celebrate, here is the song for the month. I originally considered a tune titled “I Wish It Would Rain”, but given all the storms we’ve had so far this year (at least in my area) that didn’t seem appropriate. So instead, […]

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Story: Can You Pass the Final Exam?

Happy Father’s Day weekend, everyone! I probably should’ve saved the previous post for this week, but ah well. You’re probably busy anyway, so why not read a semi-short story? This is the climactic adventure under the College-Time Mysteries banner, meaning there won’t be any new stories like this one for a while. But never fear! […]

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