A Plethoran Contest!

Stepping out of routine for a moment to give you a quick update and an opportunity to help me out! New Wrinkle Publishing is conducting a contest in which authors can submit the synopsis (blurb) of their novel for a chance to win the grand prize. What is that prize? Not only is the book […]

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Sermon: Imitation Game

Happy October, everyone! Starting off this fun month with a little sermon based on 1 Corinthian 11:1. Grab some coffee or hot cocoa and enjoy the audio! Music by Andrew Greer. Also, if you’ve been enjoying my reflections on books I’ve read (like last week’s post), check out a couple articles I wrote for moviepilot […]

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Of Monsters and Politicians

In an usually crazy and tumultuous election season, I have kept my mouth shut when it came to political commentary. Partially because I didn’t want to wade into those waters and partially because I wanted to give myself adequate time to formulate thoughts before spouting off some words. Now, finally, some words have been drawn. […]

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Sermon: How Long?

After a week off for Labor Day (and some travel), it’s time to return to the grindstone of blogging. However, today I will not be introducing a new thought to you through written word, but spoken. Enjoy this little sermon I gave at a local nursing home on Psalm 13. It is for the times when […]

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