On Turning 30

I’m officially 30 years old. I have lived through three decades. I’ve done all the normal stuff like graduating high school, going to college, getting married, having kids. I’ve done some unique things along the way, too, with writing and music. I don’t feel like I’ve properly reminisced about the past 30 years, so, if … More On Turning 30

Poem: A Decade

I’m stepping into a new decade of life this month. Earlier this year the whole world stepped into a new decade of existence. Maybe these things combined are making me somewhat more introspective than usual. In the early hours of 2020, I did a quick reflection on the last decade and thought I should write … More Poem: A Decade

Parental Perspective: Of Children and Dragons

This post continues an on-going series that examines different facets of parenting. To see the previous post, you can read it here.  I recently read His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik. It’s a novel that adds dragons into the Napoleonic Wars. Historical fiction mixed with fantasy? That sounded interesting to me so I put it on my … More Parental Perspective: Of Children and Dragons