Of Monsters and Politicians

In an usually crazy and tumultuous election season, I have kept my mouth shut when it came to political commentary. Partially because I didn’t want to wade into those waters and partially because I wanted to give myself adequate time to formulate thoughts before spouting off some words. Now, finally, some words have been drawn. […]

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Sermon: How Long?

After a week off for Labor Day (and some travel), it’s time to return to the grindstone of blogging. However, today I will not be introducing a new thought to you through written word, but spoken. Enjoy this little sermon I gave at a local nursing home on Psalm 13. It is for the times when […]

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Tarzan and the Primal Man

In Tarzan of the Apes, a humorous scene finds Professor Porter and Mr. Philander wandering lost down a beach after being marooned on the jungle shore. Suddenly they notice a lion following them and the Professor thinks it’s an escaped animal from the local zoo. Mr. Philander has a little more sense and speeds up his […]

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Peaceful Warfare

My senior year of high school I took part in a dodge ball tournement during Spirit Week. As I ran around the gym floor dodging hard-thrown orbs, I smiled at the exhilaration and thought, “You know, this is like warfare for high schoolers.” Think about it, you release all your aggression, you can lay the […]

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A Sermon and A Song

This week on the blog I have a double-surprise for you!  First up is a little message I gave at a nursing home recently that I’d like to share with you. It’s much shorter than the last one so it might fit into your schedule easier. It’s based on Mark 2:1-12. Check it out: But […]

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