The Love of God

“Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.” I, like many other young kids back in the day, sang this song plenty of times during Sunday school. It’s a basic truth of Christianity: God loves me, and that’s why He sent Jesus to die. “For God so loved the world,” and all. But in […]

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Barbarians at the Borders

When considering what made the Roman Empire fall, you may run up against a plethora of theories. Generally, it seems internal discord and a weakened military heavily contributed. It didn’t help that the “barbarians”, that is, the Goths, were roaming the borders and making raids until they finally invaded in force. The fattened Roman Empire wasn’t […]

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I Gotta Get Up Early

Every now and then I stumble upon a depressing song that grips me in some way, drawing me to like it enough to acquire it. The tune sort of becomes a reminder of what not to do with my life, something to avoid. One such song is “Stone” by Adam Again. The song was written […]

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Re-evaluating Realism in Fiction

The big emphasis in fiction these days is realism. Take any story and make it as realistic as possible. This often turns out to mean, “make it dark and gritty.” An example of this would be the recently released movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Over ten years ago, Batman got a gritty reboot in Batman […]

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