New Song–Get Low

Lately, I’ve been keeping you pretty up to speed on my writing ventures, which is more natural here on the blog because a) I¬†write the blog posts, and b) usually nothing else of note is happening. No more! I finally have an update from the realm of music! I recently put up a new song […]

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A New Season

Greetings! I think it’s time for a little update. The first thing you probably noticed is that the blog itself is updated. This format is a little more professional looking and streamlined (read: It looks cool). You can still find the archives under the menu button in the top right corner, along with the different […]

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The Struggle for Rest (Part 2)

In Deuteronomy 5 the 10 commandments are given again. There the command to keep the Sabbath is connected to Israel’s exodus from the land of Egypt. So the Sabbath is to be kept to remind the people that they were once slaves but were redeemed by their mighty God. The connection between the Sabbath and […]

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The Struggle for Rest (Part 1)

Read the 10 Commandments. Now, which of these commandments do you think would be the easiest to follow? My pick is the 4th one: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Why? Because if you look at all the other commands, you’ll notice that they all require a constance vigilance and consciousness if you […]

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The Problem with Hypocrites

I find it funny when people say they don’t want to be a Christian because they’ve known too many Christians who are hypocrites. I also find it funny when people claiming to be Christians refuse to go to a church gathering because they’ve seen too much hypocrisy in the church. While these arguments are worth […]

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