Facing Grief Now

In John 11 we find one of the most fascinating incidents in Jesus’ life. He hears that a friend, Lazarus, is sick and near death. Rather than go and easily heal the man, He tarries and Lazarus dies. When Jesus finally shows up on the scene, Martha, the dead man’s sister, comes to Him and […]

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New Mystery: Who Are You?

With the new year will come new stories to write…and this is the first of the crop! In this next installment of the College-Time Mysteries, Bryan and John are asked to help a young man whose identity was not only stolen, but completely changed! Can they dig to the bottom of this confounding caper? Who […]

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Best Books I’ve Read in 2015

At the end of the year, the lists come out. Largely pointless lists that remind you of things that happened in the past year. They can be interesting, but they’re ultimately just there to give you something to read. Joining that overcrowded bandwagon is me. I hadn’t planned on doing this, but the list fever […]

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Blest and Blessing All Within Reach

Last year, upon buying a collection of Charles Dickens’ Christmas stories, I began a yearly tradition of reading one of his five Christmas novellas and one short story each year when the holiday season rolls around. This year I introduced myself to¬†The Chimes, an emotionally gripping tale that follows Toby “Trotty” Veck, a poor man […]

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