Parental Perspective: Who Owns My Child?

Last year I did a monthly series called “Turning into Dad” that I wrote as I enetered fatherhood and adjusted to my new life. I’m retiring that series and beginning a new one: Parental Perspective. This will consider issues and challenges related to parenting. Enjoy! I’ll go out on a limb here and say I […]

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How Community Tamed ‘Damaron’s Gun’

Damaron’s Gun is an obscure title from obscure Western author Wesley Ray. The yarn follows Blain Damaron, a gunman for hire, who is tracking a wanted man. He chases the outlaw to his old hometown and quickly dispatches him. The sheriff requires Damaron to stay for the inquest and this forces the gunslinger into an […]

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Sermon: Better Days Ahead

It has been a long time since I’ve posted any sermon audio. Time to end the drought! Here is a sermon I gave recently on Haggai 2. I also covered chapter 1 about a year and a half ago. If you would like to hear what I said then, you can listen to it on […]

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Marriage in a #MeToo World

Last year the #metoo movement exploded across social media as women everywhere shared their stories of sexual harrassment and abuse. This movement highlighted the ways women are often treated as sub-human, objects of pleasure and not with respect. It has passed through Hollywood, politics, and even the church. The ramifications of this moment in our […]

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5 Creepy Love Songs

With Valentine’s Day this past week, doubtless many of you spent time with someone you love or at least listened to a few love songs to help you get into the mood of the season. While most of those songs carry sweet sentiments, there are many out there that tend toward the creepy side. Here […]

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Answering the Question, ‘Is God Anti-Gay?’

In the past decade, the issue of homosexuality skyrocketed from being a fringe movement to drawing the world’s attention. Christians have reacted in a variety of ways. Those more liberal in their theology embraced it to avoid countering societal pressure. Those more conservative treated it as the second coming of the Black Plague. Everywhere in […]

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Stare the Monster Down

As I cross another year since my dad passed away from brain cancer, I usually reflect on that period and what I felt/learned during it. In the past year I’ve become acquainted with a song by an old Christian rock band, delirious? (yes, they put a ? mark at the end of their name). Its […]

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