Cyber Monday Reminder!

In case you forgot since my last post went live, I am giving away two free ebooks today only for Cyber Monday! As you may or may not have heard, I’ve self-published two books in the past few years. The first is Plethora, a YA fantasy spoof novel filled with rollicking adventure and heartfelt, emotional teen […]

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Poem: The Lady of Snow

It has been a coon’s age since I’ve shared any new poetry on the blog and I think it’s time to crack open the ol’ notebook and expose a line or two to the world. I’m sharing this one after a couple minor snow showers we’ve had here in Missouri. “The Lady of Snow” was […]

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Before Christ

Lately I’ve been studying the first four chapters of the gospel of Matthew. I thought I’d share some thoughts from each section from time to time here on the blog. This post is the first in the series and covers chapter 1:1-17. Before Christ was born there was Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. From Jacob came […]

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