Poems: ‘Fear’ (In 4 Parts)

In keeping with the theme of fear I explored some last week, I want to share a short series of poems I’ve written recently that examine a different side of the topic. To say the least, there is plenty to fear in the world these days: terrorists, random shootings, war, political upheaval, death. The point […]

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The Fear of History’s Memory

A popular phrase thrown around these days is, “Being on the right side of history.” It’s a bully’s phrase and intellectually cheap. There’s no reason given as to¬†why you should go with a position or why it’s right, all you need to know is that if you take that side history will look kindly on […]

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Song: Timothy’s Doxology

Before our little boy came along, I managed to record a song I’ve written recently. It’s called “Timothy’s Doxology” and is based off 1 Timothy 6:13-16. There, the apostle Paul is wrapping up some instructions to Timothy but temporarily sidetracks himself with a burst of praise for Jesus Christ. I thought the small section would […]

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