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Well some exciting news in the world of Plethora! This week the ebook is being featured on Noise Trade (!

What is Noise Trade? It began as a site that gave away artists’ music for free in return for downloaders’ email addresses. The whole idea was that the artist would gain new fans that would want to spread the word about the artist’s work (past, present, and future). It took off and has blown up to feature acts such as The Civil Wars, fun., and Young the Giant, among other indie bands. Within the past year, they decided to branch out to the ebook market and created the Noise Trade Books division. The concept remains the same. You can download an ebook for free, and (if you want) leave a tip or promote the author/book on facebook, twitter, or email. It’s a great idea and a great resource.

Such a great idea and resource that I had to jump on board and do some serious noise trading. I already have music on the site, so adding a book wasn’t a big deal. But something that I’m doing with the book that’s different from the music is that the book is being featured in the weekly newsletter and on the Noise Trade Books homepage under “New & Notable!” So head on over and check this awesome site out and maybe download an ebook or two (make one of those mine)!

The link for the homepage is in the 1st paragraph, here’s the link to my page:

And here’s the link to the newsletter:

Enjoy! And thanks for the support!

A Big Day in Plethora!

I’m not the blogger I used to be. Life’s gotten busy, but my wife and I are starting to find our balance and focus on Plethora and…other works. So check back every now and then to find out what’s going on…and today, alot of things are going on…..

First up, I’ve freshened up the blog with a sleek new theme and finally changed the name in the process to “Plethoran Musings.” Why the name change? As creative (and funny) as “Huggbees” was, I felt like I should try and give the blog a more pointed name, settle on a theme. Well, I couldn’t. Frankly, I enjoy the free rein to talk about whatever I feel like. But, as I’ve been talking alot about Plethora lately, I figured I should rename it to coincide with that. The great thing about “Plethoran Musings”, though, is that I can update you on Plethora but also still talk about whatever I want! Great, huh? So enjoy my future musings and maybe take a trek back in time to some previous posts. You never know what you might discover! I also plan on updating the “About Me” page…along with maybe adding a couple other pages devoted to certain types of writing.

Next up, and this is the truly exciting thing, this Wednesday is the one year anniversary of the publishing of Plethora for the Amazon Kindle. Surprisngly, it’s still up there! Such a milestone deserves a little celebration. So, guess what? The book is free  from tomorrow through Wednesday! If, for some reason, you’ve held out on downloading a copy, then now’s your chance. If a reason you held out was because you didn’t have a Kindle, hold out no more for there’s an app for that! It’s a free app that’s easy to download and setup. Here’s the link:

That’s all I’ve got for now, but check back soon for more exciting updates and interesting blog posts!

Ah yes, and here’s the link to the whimsical book of Plethora:


Captain America & Peace

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, my wife and I went to see it since the Disney Marvel franchise has caught our interest. In the climax of the film (spoiler warning here), Nick Fury meets up with old friend-turned-nemesis Alexander Pierce and the two have a discussion about peace and what it takes to obtain peace. And so you have two viewpoints on how to obtain it:

1) Captain America and the “true” SHIELD’s way: obtain peace by preserving life, whether through diplomacy or any other peaceful avenue.

2) Pierce/HYDRA’s way: obtain peace through fear and ruthless intimidation.

It’s interesting how the film pits these two worldviews against each other, because you can see the flaws in both ways (Fury and Pierce gladly point them out to each other). Diplomacy doesn’t always work or it’s too slow, but ruling through fear and intimidation isn’t freedom, you simply make people feel insecure so they turn to you and surrender their freedom for help. But if both ways are flawed, then who is more in the right?

While Captain America 2 brings this issue to the forefront, it’s really the dilemma in all hero movies. Sure, the good guys always win out in the end, but evil still lingers. Peace may be bought for a little time, but a diligent defense will have to be made of it…otherwise it will never be secure.

So is that it, then? Will good and evil constantly be at each other’s throat till the end of time? Pretty much. But peace will win out in the end and is winning now, not through human (or superhuman) efforts, but through the one effort of Jesus Christ. When He died and rose again, he made “peace with God” possible (Romans 5:1). And at a future date that is quickly coming, Christ will bring final, absolute, secure peace to all His beloved and confine sin and evil to destruction forever (see Revelation 19 & 20).

Just as the film pits the characters (and in some ways, the audience) in a choice over what side they’ll stand on, the Bible asks you the same question, will you fight for peace on the side of Christ or defer to a clever counterfeit in sin?

A May Day Poem

Well, first off, thank you to everyone who participated in the Plethora Day weekend celebration! It was a pretty successful weekend with a lot of give-aways, so thank you for making it happen!

Next, I’d like to wish you a happy May Day! What is May Day?

“Why, that’s the Russian new year! We’ll have a big parade and serve hot hor d’oeuvres!”-Johnny from “Airplane!”

Anyways, last year, I wrote my wife (who was not my wife at the time) a May Day poem. This year, I’ll share it with you.


In summer’s waning days we found
A ray of hope for happiness.
And while Death reigned all around,
We set our eyes on bliss.

As Winter’s hand greedily gripped
All the world in cold,
We refused to let our hearts be ripped,
And talked of growing old.

With the first great light of Spring,
Buds came to the trees.
We knew that whate’er the year would bring,
We’d stand against the breeze.

But there was trickery in Nature’s way,
Winter returned to fight.
In despair we wondered if the day
Would come with joyous light.

In fear we lifted our heads to see
If life lay in the soil.
And then the doubt came to be:
Will love ever be loyal?

But our story isn’t ended, has no casket,
It has not lost its way.
It grows like flowers in a basket
Given on a May Day.

So let me hold your hand, my dear,
‘Til we see the golden shore.
Soon we’ll see this smoke will clear,
And find the proper door.

‘Cause love is worth the fight, the pain,
Its wisdom who can repay?
It’s like the fertile ground we gain
After the sweet May Day.
Hope you enjoyed it! Next post should be about Captain America…we’ll see. Stay tuned!

The Origins of Plethora

The idea for Plethora began in a bathroom.

I was in high school (either a junior or senior) and went on a bathroom break during class one day. For the four minutes that I was in there, I concocted this idea where a guy goes into a school bathroom (I don’t know where this genius beginning came from) and walks into one of the stalls. As soon as he shuts and locks the door, all the other openings are closed up with steel panels. A lone light shines overhead and a voice says, “Sit on the toilet.” He reluctantly obeys. As soon as his posterior is on the seat, chains and manacles spring out and grab him by the wrist and ankles. The voice tells him he’s going off to a magical land and the toilet and teen fall back into the wall. When the guy comes to, he’s in a colorful forest in a land called “Plethora,” with a talking snake and some hyper, fuzzy, Muppet-like creature.

My imagination was just that vivid…or stupid.

I thought the whole idea was ridiculous and promptly shoved it into the trash bin of my mind as I shoved paper towels into the restroom trash can. I never gave much thought after that until I was in college. It was the first month of my first semester, and I couldn’t think of anything decent to write. I had just wrapped up a mystery short-story series filled with inside-jokes from high school and was now looking to write something a little more accessible for the world. I wanted to write in a genre I wasn’t familiar with…but what would I write about?

The whimsical world of Plethora came back to my mind, but I knew the original idea would need to be re-worked. The bathroom thing was a little juvenile. I would also need a good story behind the characters. Then I thought of two high school seniors, ready to be free from their high school confines, heading to a prom to forget the world…and then getting side-tracked into a completely different world. As I feverishly developed the idea in my head and thought it out, I knew I had the makings of my next novel.

It took a little over a year of writing between classes and work and on breaks, but I finally completed the manuscript. It took another couple of years to type and edit it multiple times and get it ready for publishing on the Amazon Kindle. Now, here at last for you to enjoy is Plethora.

And if you haven’t enjoyed it yet, you can download it for free here:
If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s allright. There’s an app you can download for free as well. You can get that here:

Go grab your free edition of Plethora from now through tomorrow! Thanks for the support!

Also, in case you’re curious why I chose “Plethora” as the title for the land, you can thank “The Three Amigos” for introducing me and a friend to the word, which led us to saying it quite profusely…As for how the title relates to the story, I’ll save that for a later post!

Plethora and Good Friday

Happy Good Friday! And Happy Plethora Day!

(Don’t forget, you can download the book for free here in celebration)

In the grand scheme of things, the two aren’t connected. But there is a reference to the events of Good Friday in the story. It comes in chapter 9, titled “Religion in Plethora.” The whole chapter divides its time between two religious clans dominant in the land and explores what makes them genuine or fake. The Deodians represent Christians while the Goshites are a somewhat diluted off-shoot. The chapter is full of imagery and allegory alluding to religious situations in our own world. I’m a Christian and I wanted to explore my faith in a fictional context, and so some of the imagery or out-right dialogue gets deep.

But one particular moment finds the character of Father John explaining Good Friday in Plethoran terms:

Sandwiched on the wall between the loft and the baptismal was a large splash of red. It was as if someone had thrown a giant tomato at the wall and the initial aftermath froze in place. Father John sat us down in a pew in the middle section. I now noticed other Deodians kneeling at the front of the “altar” offering prayers.

“Hey Father, why is there an ink splotch on the wall?” I began after a moment of observation.

“There is a story behind it, your Majesty,” Father John answered. “Consequently, it is the core of our deepest beliefs. Would you like to hear it?”

I nodded and the narrative began.

“Ever since Plethora, and this whole world for that matter, began, man has corrupted Deus’ creation. They became murderers, thieves, liars, immoral; they morphed light to darkness. Things only turned from bad to worse as time progressed and something drastic needed to be done to dam up the free flow of evil. Thus, in His good will and timing, Deus sent His sole Son, Ichtus, as a sacrifice for all mankind. His blood blots out the sins of those who believe on Him. He sealed this hope by rising again, in victory over Death, to His Father, Deus. That ‘ink splotch,’ as you put it, is symbolic of our salvation and hope.”

“So your Deus is pretty loving,” I surmised.

“Yes, but He is also not afraid to judge and condemn those who reject His Son.”

“He’s willing to condemn His own creation?” Laura pressed.

“Yes, those who deny Ichtus deny their own lives. To reject such a sacrifice, such an escape from wrath, is a madness leading to judgment.”

So there you have it, Good Friday and Plethora Day come together. Hopefully you’ll celebrate the latter by downloading a free book, reading it, and leaving a comment or review on Amazon. But more importantly I hope you celebrate the former by cracking open the Bible and reading the true, more in-depth account of Good Friday there.

Tune back in tomorrow for a little “behind-the-story” action as we continue the weekend celebration. Don’t forget, the book is free from now til Sunday night!

A Plethoran Easter!

Happy Plethora Day Eve, everybody!

What is Plethora Day? Why, it’s the day that the events in Plethora take place. That’s right, Friday April 18th, 2008. What’s significant about this year is that the 18th falls on a Friday again. So, to celebrate, I’m giving away the book for FREE all weekend long, starting tomorrow! If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to hop off and join the hundreds of others who have journeyed to the land of Plethora.

Also, in connection to the online festivities, this blog will be kept busy with a post tying in some of Plethora with Good Friday and I’ll finally tell you where the idea for the novel came from and how it developed. So check back daily and learn some interesting (but ultimately very pointless) things about the whimsical world of Plethora!

Remember, the book is free from Friday thru Sunday! Here’s the link:

final cover


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